Video Caching

A video CDN, or video content distribution network, is a large geographically dispersed network of servers delivering live and on-demand, high-quality videos to web-connected devices. These specialized video streaming server networks accelerate delivery through caching, which stores content temporarily on multiple servers throughout the video CDN. When a viewer submits a request, the server caching content nearest the user’s location delivers the video.

The size of a video CDN varies, depending on the content provider, the content volume and offerings, and the number of customers served.

Video CDN Benefits Video CDN benefits network service providers and customers alike. Customers expect high-quality video content and seamless performance from media streaming software anywhere, anytime, on any device. When subscribers access content through a CDN, they enjoy faster streaming rates and greater reliability, as well as value-added services like mobile device detection and optimization.

To keep up with the rising demand, network service providers realize the need to build their own content distribution networks supporting VOD server (video-on-demand) and IPTV server (Internet Protocol television) technology. Network service providers that deploy their own video CDN can reduce subscriber churn by:

  • Reducing traffic on the primary network, which improves video content and web performanceoverall.
  • Creating and deploying value-added, targeted services to attract new customers and retain existing subscribers.

Content providers also benefit from a video CDN, as customer conversion rates increase and loyalty strengthens.